More New Boulder Jobs

More Boulder jobs are on the way, and as most of us know, jobs are the key to success in any local market. Boulder real estate maintains high value due to the never-ending demand from buyers.

Boulder has continued to have one of the strongest and most stable real estate markets, and that’s due in part to the ongoing strength of its job market.

There are the obvious employers like CU Boulder, the national labs like NCAR, UCAR, NOAA, NIST and others… even NREL in Golden gives a little boost to the job market for the general Boulder valley area.

The sometimes overlooked story though is in the multitude of smaller employers that continue to gravitate towards our area, often mainly due to the leaders of these organizations locating here for quality of life choices. One of those employers is Kidrobot.

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Kidrobot is a toy and apparel company based in New York City, known originally for its limited-edition vinyl toy products, and later for its apparel line.

The company’s founder and president, Paul Budnitz, said that he plans to have the head office relocated to Boulder sometime this spring. The move from New York to Boulder is apparently driven not only for basic quality of life points, but also for Boulder’s artistic and creative community influence.

Budnitz  was recently quoted as saying that he did his best work when “away from the noise” of New York City.

Initially Kidrobot will move about half of its current workforce to Boulder when it opens its local offices somewhere downtown near Pearl Street, but the other piece of the puzzle that’s even better news is that the company expects to increase its workforce by about 20% to 25% by hiring new workers from within the local marketplace.

Budnitz also seems to be interested in making his company, and his personal environmental impact more green. The company is looking into using carbon offsets, encouraging staff to use alternative transportation, and Budnitz is on record for purchasing the “Next West” house, built by local Boulder builder Bob Hughes, the nation’s second greenest home. (Jim Logan’s personal residence is reported to have surpassed the Next West house as America’s greenest home).

In other Boulder job market news, local employer Rally Software recently raised $16 million in funding that the company plans to use to double its product revenue, and the company plans on hiring new workers to increase its workforce by approximately 50%. Most of the new employees will likely work at the Rally offices in Boulder, the company’s home office.

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