Boulder Green Building Standards Changing

img_1361.JPGWith a focus on using less energy, keeping construction and destruction materials out of landfills and generally working towards better living through green building standards, the City of Boulder Green Points program is getting an update.

The Boulder City Council unanimously approved an update to the city’s Green Points building program. Green builders in Boulder love this change. It’s why these builders are in our community and one of the things that makes our community the environmentally friendly place we’ve come to love.

The program is based on a points system and there are variable design stage points builders can earn though there’s little verification once the construction process starts.

The new rules will require builders to actually measure the energy efficiency of their new homes prior to being certified as of February 1st 2008.

Remodeling projects appear to be exempted from the new, more stringent efficiency requirements inposed on new construction projects.

I think this makes no sense and apparently several council members agree with me. Many remodeling projects are as large or even larger than new construction.

Well, there’s always room for improvement and I’m sure they’ll revisit the plans many times in the future so I say: “step in the right direction”…

I wonder if this will make much of an impact on flipping property in the Boulder real estate market?


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