Boulder Full Cycle Bikes To Support Freiker

If you ride your bike much, I’m sure you’re familiar with the bike store in Boulder called Full Cycle. They have two stores in Boulder in great locations including The Hill and downtown on Pearl Street.

I recently met with the owner of Full Cycle, Karli Gronholm, to talk about Boulder’s Freiker (stands for frequent biker, rhymes with biker, not freak!) program.

If you’re interested in more info about Freiker, or are ready to talk about your plans for buying or selling real estate, please call or email me now so that I can help you get answeres to your questions. Questions such as, how far is the Boulder bike path to my new job or the home I’m thinking about are always welcome!

If you’re not already familiar with the Freiker program, you may want to know it is specifically oriented around getting kids to ride their bikes to school more frequently.

The reason I spoke to Karli about Freiker is that she’s committed to helping me find ways to fund the rewards program at Freiker. Freiker rewards kids who ride their bike to school with a points program tracked by a sophisticated RFID tag system invented by a local engineer and parent who wanted his children to ride to school more frequently.

Karli and I met to talk about how we can work together at The Cup, a popular local coffee house, just a short walk west on Pearl from her downtown Full Cycle location. During our conversation, it became clear that Karli and her husband Kaj have strong roots in the community, and a keen interest in supporting efforts that can reinforce safe cycling and increased cycling participation among kids in our community.

We’re on our way to working closely together to promote Freiker. If you have a need for anything biking related, you should check out Full Cycle. This is a great time to get lots of attention and find just what you need at a bike shop like Full Cycle. With the season slowing down, you won’t run into the throngs of people you might otherwise see at the height of the summer.

Of course I’m happy to suggest that you visit their store, and you should know that if I didn’t like the true nature of Karli and her people at Full Cycle, I wouldn’t share this with you. This is truly keeping it real.

Keep watching for more on our Frieker program and how Full Cycle is helping us. We’re even planning on some upcoming clinics where kids can bring their bike in for a session to watch and learn about how to keep their bikes tuned up and running well.

I’ve suggested that we offer this inĀ  exchange for a small purchase (something like $5) so tell me what you think about that idea. It could be a great way for parents to learn a thing or two about keeping their kid’s bikes safe to ride!

If you, or someone you know has questions about real estate, or the local Boulder community, call or email me now so that I can learn how to address your needs and questions. I do hope we get a change to talk soon.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor and EcoBroker


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