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The final Mayor to speak to us at the Mayor’s forum was Erie mayor, Andrew Moore. He’s been working hard to change the perception of Erie, and he admits that there’s still work to be done. While other communities have talked about slow growth and static development, Mayor Moore seems optimistic about the future.

One of the first points Moore mentioned was that Erie residents have the highest average income, when compared to other area towns, except Superior. He went on to explain that the new recreation center is in the geographical center of Erie, and that all thoughts for development include a sophisticated plan to connect regions of the town with trails and paths for easy traveling by means other than motor vehicle.

The Town of Erie Raw Water Pipeline Project was a major point of emphasis for Mayor Moore. Since Erie isn’t fully built out, having adequate water supply is an essential forethought to support future growth. Our real estate commission proves that out. Since the beginning of 2008, we have been required to provide a Source of Water addendum to all buyers of residential real estate as a part of a real estate transaction.

The $15 million Erie pipeline is 8 miles long, utilizing a 36″ diameter pipe and a new pump station carrying approximately 20 CFS (cubic feet per second). Water for the community comes from western slope resources via Carter Lake and Boulder Reservoir through the new pipeline to Erie. Mayor Moore says that the pipeline was a central issue towards sustainable development for the next few years.

Erie expects to be a population of about 50,000 to 60,000 people when fully built out. For a perspective on that, compare Erie to Lafayette: Lafayette is at a population of about 26,000, and expects it will max out at about 35,000. Erie will have approximately twice the population at full build-out, and it is four times the size. That may translate to a quality of life proposal if the new development plans at Flatirons Meadows, Erie Farms, Morgan Hill, and Bridgewater include a substantial amount of open space, trails and public use lands.

There’s also a plan for a solar grid to cover the already capped landfill, but no news on that project is expected for at least 18 months.

School information:

Boulder Valley Schools serving Erie residents:

Lafayette Elementary: Enrollment is growing (doubled in the last year) and hence it’s looking at adding portables. It has a new, award winning Principal.

Angevine Middle School: A new facility about 20 years ago, and a new principal for this year.

Centaurus High: Recently received International Baccalaureate (I.B.) accreditation.

Saint Vrain Valley School District Schools serving Erie Residents:

Erie Elementary and Black Rock Elementary

Erie Middle School

Erie High: Moved to a new building recently.

Mayor Moore’s comments on ConocoPhillips:

He mentioned that with the 7000 new jobs anticipated over the next three to four years, the perspective we should have on this is that this number is twice the amount of jobs for the area compared to the number of jobs in the community provided by Sun Microsystems.

In response to the comments from ConocoPhillips about hoping that regional communities will do well to provide the necessary housing, Moore mentioned two categories of housing projects:

Custom Homes: Candlelight Ridge, Vista Ridge, and Erie Airpark

Semi-Custom Homes: Arapahoe Ridge, Erie Village, Cottonwood Vista, and Northridge.

With roomfor growth he said he expects a lot of action in his community. With Boulder, Superior, Louisville, and Lafayette all nearly built out, Erie may be the focal point for development in his opinion.

As always, many people want to know how the transportation issues will be addressed. In terms of Erie to Boulder, there were two points made. First, RTD’s ‘Jump’ bus runs directly from Erie to downtown Boulder; and second, Boulder County has plans to improve the connection between Valmont Road and Isabelle Road to eliminate the congestion where the two don’t currently flow together. Those plans are unfortunately many years out he said.

If you find you’re considering a change and have some questions about real estate in our area, please send me an email or give me a call so we can talk about what’s important to you right now.

-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor and EcoBroker.


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