Boulder Custom Builder Bob Hughes Continues Green Focus

photo_040909_003Local expert and Boulder custom home builder Bob Hughes is in the middle of another green building project.This is an opportunity to see the real deal when it comes to professional green building and home design.

I went with local professional Boulder videographer, Dan Knudson, to the future home of a local Boulder architect last week to take a look at the progress of Hughes’ work in the Old North Boulder neighborhood.

What I was looking for was a closer look at the guts of the green building techniques Hughes Construction has on tap for this well-known Boulder architect’s new home, near 13th and Elder Street.

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What we found at this local Boulder architect’s future residence was an exterior sheathed in the thermal-breaking Styrofoam, an interior insulated by Icynene open-cell expanding foam, a structure held in placed by engineered lumber including LSL studs, and windows locally built by Serious Materials/Alpen Glass.

photo_040909_004Bob Hughes has been passionately focused on something called Optimum Value Engineering or, O.V.E. for many years. It’s a concept that he and members of his staff have understood and embraced for quite some time. The concept originally came about in the late 1970’s, and then seemed to be quickly forgotten. Simply put, it’s driven by a notion of maximizing the use of all materials.

A framing concept, Using optimum value engineering (OVE) advanced framing techniques lowers material and labor costs and improves energy performance for the building.

photo_041009_003It’s another example of how Hughes orients his work towards concepts born in many time periods to bring the maximized value and green opportunity for his clients.

When a builder like Hughes combines ideas like OVE and the system of segregation and recycling of construction materials, it’s a methodology for both green building success in the building process phase, as well as a cost saving measure for his clients.

While many builders only recently started segregating and recycling building materials about six months ago. Hughes sustainable energy geothermal solutionConstruction has a long history of careful materials management, along with trash/recycling management that goes back many years.

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Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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