Boulder County Unemployment Rate Still Low

Last week the Boulder Daily Camera ran an article with a headline saying that the Colorado Unemployment rate is on the rise.

If you took the time to read the article, you’d see that once again, the media likes to do its best to sensationalize whenever it can.

Now, a friend recently said that we in the real estate profession have a tendency to always put a positive spin on things. While this comment may not have been intended to be a compliment, I took it as such.

Too many people spend time looking for, and dwelling on the negative. Well, here’s some positive: Boulder County’s unemployment rate dropped to 6.4% in August.

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The Colorado Department of Labor and Unemployment reports Colorado’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate, and apparently the state’s rate increased two-tenths of one percent; up to 8.2 percent in August.

If we look at other areas of the country reporting double-digit unemployment rates, we should consider ourselves fortunate. I find it strange that with these kind of numbers, we hear comments like “…we have yet to see stability in the jobs market.”.

Broomfield County’s unemployment rate is also down, .5% as a matter of fact. That’s pretty significant. Do you remember reading about a number of businesses relocating to Broomfield? I do, and I think this has a lot to do with some forward-thinking people in our area.

Also, did you know that of the 64 counties in Colorado, the unemployment rate decreased in 43 of them? In August of 2009, 63 of the 64 Colorado counties reported declining unemployment rates, and the remaining county was unchanged. Think Colorado is a good place to live for quality of life? How about high employment rates. Perhaps that has something to do with the stable real estate market.

Another piece of good news: foreclosures dropped in Boulder and Broomfield counties. Monthly foreclosure filings have been down each month since April.

Think it might be a good time to buy or sell? Well, with stable job markets, unbelievably low interest rates on home mortgages (I just completed a purchase transaction for a client yesterday, and their interest rate was 3.85%), and stable housing prices, now is a great time to buy or sell if moving is part of your plans.

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