Boulder Condos For Sale

Time for another Boulder Condo report.

If nothing else, I know Lindsey’s got her eye on this and I know she and Tyson are in the data collection mode. 😉

There are currently 432 Boulder Condos for sale today. 104 of those are already under contract which leaves 328 to choose from.

Here’s the numbers:

Average Price: $473,952

Average Days On Market: 126

Low Price: $98,000

High Price: $3,499,000

Smallest Size: 412 square Feet (This one isn’t the least expensive, it’s $162,500)

Largest Size: 4084 Square Feet (Surprisingly to some, the largest one isn’t the most expensive, this one’s only $674,900)

It still seems that there’s something for everyone in a sense; condos priced all over the spectrum of price ranges and in all sorts of different neighborhoods.

In the last month (since 11/1/7) there were only 27 condos sold in Boulder. That’s roughly just over 6% of the total condos for sale that actually sold and closed. Since we’ve been running an average of just over 400 condos for sale for the last month I think that numbers pretty accurate. .. or darn close.

Keep in mind also that some of these condos for sale are only available for purchase under the City of Boulder Affordable Housing guidelines in the little bit of new construction areas we have such as Dakota Ridge, Northfield Commons and Holiday. In Northfield Commons, ALL of their condos are part of the affordable housing program.

Also worth noting in Northfield; they have townhomes (I use this term loosely as Northfield calls some of them town homes and some of them row houses depending on whether you get a garage or a basement and they also differentiate based on 4-plex vs. 8-plex) available in both the Affordable Housing program and those that are not in the program.

The big difference: Price. Market price homes vs. ‘affordable’ homes can vary by several hundred thousand dollars. Also worth knowing, the City of Boulder Affordable Housing guidelines have changed and now the allowable appreciation has a top and bottom limit and it runs between 1% to a max of 3.5%.

If you’ve got a big budget, the Oz designed 1155 Canyon Condos were some great units and at just over $2,000,000 you got some nifty features such as slab granite and concrete counters, super high end appliances, brazilian cherry floors, solar driven domestic hot water for the built-green touch and photo voltare (sic) panels. (I think they meant Photo Voltaic)

One of the remodeled projects that looked great to me from the photos was the Mountain Shadows condo on Chambers which sold for $333,000. The buyer market seemed to agree as this went under contract in 19 days. Another one of these 1960’s era apartment buildings that really got a great make-over.

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2 Responses to “Boulder Condos For Sale”

  1. sandi butchkiss on January 31st, 2009 3:55 am

    There are a few buildings with condos on Pearl Street (620 – 900) and I am interested in seeing interior photos of the following condos -:

    all on one floor
    2 to 3 bedrooms
    2 + baths
    outdoor balcony, terrace or garden

  2. Zachary on March 16th, 2009 2:55 pm

    I’m always ready to help new buyers find the things they are looking for, feel free to contact me directly if you need help and don’t already have a Realtor working for you!

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