Boulder Condos For Sale At Northfield Commons

There are still Boulder condos for sale at Northfield Commons and they’ve made some substantial progress over the recent months.

I have visited this project several times over the last year or so and notice that there are a lot of people interested in buying here. I also see that what has attracted many buyers to initially look at the project is the large number of units available under the City Of Boulder affordable housing program.

While this has initially attracted some of my buyers, the limitations of the program ultimately has turned them away. In some ways I’m surprised and in others I’m not; the price difference is huge (almost 2/3 less for affordable units vs. those that are market rate) but even with the new changes to the City of Boulder affordable housing program rules which allows for a minimum appreciation rate, it’s still a good bet that a buyer will profit better in the long run by buying a market rate home in Boulder wherever that may be.’

The comments and observations I got from clients when viewing the project’s models were mixed. Seems that the general opinion is that the location is attractive to most buyers and the architectural style is appealing. What has been a turn off has been that once inside, the fit and finish is average, at best. With ‘contractor-grade’ fixtures and appliances, it comes as a little bit of a surprise to most buyers considering the price.

Compare these Northfield Commons prices: $225k (affordable program) vs. $589k (market rate) for an average price comparison for the Row House product.

I wasn’t able to confirm at the time if this was Markel Homes or one of the other builders at the Northfield Commons project but if it’s Markel Homes, this ‘lower grade’ fit and finish surprises me when I consider what I remember seeing in their work over in their homes in the Dakota Ridge subdivision.

I notice on their website that two of the named builders, Markel and Coast to Coast, claim to embrace Built GreenĀ® practices. Hats off to them for that!

I’m sure they’re building a fine product line over there and they continue to get positive attention to date. It’s worth checking out so talk to your Boulder Realtor about having them take you over to see for yourself if this project is something that fits your needs.


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