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I was talking to a prospective buyer on the phone recently about the wind in Boulder, Colorado.

The concern was that some folks have posted on their blogs comments about how they felt that the wind in Boulder was too much for them.

“Could the little bit of occasional wind in Boulder cause someone to decide not to move to our beautiful community?” I asked myself.

Well, I have a couple very short stories about Boulder and wind, and much of it depends upon location, time of year, and of course the current weather pattern.

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Years ago I remember going into a well-known shop on Pearl Street in downtown Boulder called Into The Wind. Known for selling a wide variety of kites, they said that unfortunately while some people think Boulder is known for being windy sometimes, it’s actually so unpredictable, they recommend that kite flyers go out to Jefferson County or up onto highway 128 on the edge of the old Morgul Bismark bike race route to find consistent enough wind for kite flying. Boulder, they said, was relatively worthless for kite flying… in terms of wind.

I’ve also noticed that the people who like to fly remote control gliders gravitate towards the leading edge of the mesa on 128 to catch the wind coming out of Eldorado canyon southeast of Boulder.

The image you see at the beginning of this post, with the cinder block/wind gauge sign is from a long time ago, and it’s one that was out on baseline road, quite a bit east of the city of Boulder.

Anyone that remembers this has been around for a while, because it’s been gone for years, but it’s a fun reminder that the wind blows, but it tends to blow quite a bit out in the east and south parts of Boulder county.

Even NREL located a research facility way out of Boulder on the mesa near the old Rocky Flats facility. It’s out on the south edge of the same mesa area that the model glider pilots like to fly, but… unfortunately for those that think Boulder is windy… it’s nowhere near the city itself.

However, there are some glorious views from this area and my bi-monthly drive to Golden, Colorado gives me the opportunity to cherish the beauty of this drive.

I hope that if you’re considering a move to Boulder, you’ll give yourself the time to visit and see what our outstanding community has to offer you… besides the promise of wind!

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