Boulder Climate Smart Program Saves Energy and Money

I went to the last workshop  for the Boulder Climate Smart loan program recently. It’s a unique program which uses money from bonds, to fund loans provided to homeowners in Boulder County, who want to make energy saving improvements to their home.

One interesting thing I learned is that Boulder has the only program in the nation of this kind. The closest thing to it is a program in Berkeley, CA, but that program is limited to two renewable energy measures, solar thermal and solar photo voltaic.

The Boulder county program includes a huge list of optional improvements generally categorized as Energy Efficiency Measures. If you own Boulder real estate, and want to improve the carbon footprint, this program is a great way to get started.

Want to learn more about what you can do to make your home more energy efficient? It’s a great way to save money and improve the comfort of your home at the same time. Call or email me if you’d like to know more about how this can also improve the value of your home when you’re ready to sell.

Energy efficient measures include measures such as replacing conventional water heaters with tank-less models, air sealing, improved insulation, installing a whole house fan, replacing an old furnace with an energy efficient model, and many others.

Everyone seems to go for the sexy stuff like solar photo voltaic panels. And yet, there’s a lot we can do with very low comparable costs to improve the green quality of our home and save money too.

The Boulder Climate Smart program was developed to focus on a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions within a shorter time-period in order to meet the Kyoto Protocol.

I’m getting some estimates for updating my home and you’ll be able to see some profile stories about the Boulder businesses that will be involved in the process as we move forward. I’m not sure which steps I’ll take yet, but the first will be a home energy audit with a blower door test.

I know that this will improve our comfort, reduce our costs and energy usage. And ultimately it will also help our house stand out in the marketplace when it’s time to sell. It’ll be easier to market and sell, and it will command a higher sale price also.

If you’re thinking of selling, or know someone who’s thinking about moving, please call or email me today!

Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker® at RE/MAX Alliance Boulder


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