Boulder Business Profile: VaST Architecture

As a Boulder Realtor who’s interested in spreading the word when I learn about great businesses in our area, I decided to bring you a business profile of VaST architecture. I have a tour for you of their own home. Since you’re interested in Boulder real estate, what better way might there be than to share the work of Architect Joseph Vigil and Designer Brandy LeMae? invited me into their own home to profile of their work.

There are many very specific details in this home that come into play. Some choices are aesthetic, some are functional.

The crew at VaST likes to call what they do high-performance architecture and green design. I think that’s a great way to summarize their work and their focus.

One of the first aspects of their work that makes sense to me for us to explore is style. Their work has been called modern, sometimes contemporary, and even eclectic. If you explore their work a little bit, you’ll likely notice evidence of Bauhaus influence, the Case Study Program, modernism, and even prairie style.

While many architects and design teams like to feel that they embody a certain style, and VaST’s studio of professionals certainly do, a lot of what comes into play when the rubber meets the road is the details.

Sustainability is an important element for many of us these days, and it is for Brandy, Joseph, and the team of people at VaST also. They tend to take what they call a holistic approach to their work. It seems to be about meeting a client’s needs, answering to the impact on the environment support durability, and that are easy to maintain.

The use of Structurally Insulated Panels (SIPs), and Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF’s) are just a couple examples of the kinds of choices in building materials and techniques that VaST likes to implement to increase their client’s comfort, low energy costs, and sustainability for their new homes.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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