Boulder Auto Repair And Maintenance

boulder auto repair shopAuto maintenance and repair doesn’t have to be a headache in Boulder.

Finding a good place to get your car repaired can often be stressful, especially if you don’t have anyone who can refer you to a good mechanic.

Some people like to go to the dealership where they bought their car, while I’ve found others feel quite the opposite, and prefer to find an independent repair shop like Dinstuhl’s Auto.

I was given a referral to Dinstuhl’s Auto Repair a few weeks ago, and so I thought I’d go check them out. I’d like to share with you what I learned when I met with Nate Bolinger, the owner of Dinstuhl’s Auto Repair.

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auto repair thanksWhen I decided to go talk to Nate Bolinger, the owner of Dinstuhl’s Auto Repair, I already knew that the shop had a good reputation as a locally-owned business, and that the shop been around for many years.

What I didn’t know was that Nate has been the owner operator of this great local business for over two years. After spending about 7 years as an automotive technician at Dinstuhl’s, Nate bought the place, and continues to run this successful operation today.

Dinstuhl’s specializes on import brands like Toyota, Honda, Acura, Nissan, and Subaru. But what’s really interesting is the breadth of knowledge Nate and his crew bring to the auto repair equation. Nate’s trained and certified in aviation mechanics and also is a certified Harley Davidson mechanic. With that broad range of skills, it’s rare that Nate and his crew get stumped. I suppose that’s why they have such a following of loyal customers.

car repair in Boulder, COOne other key that makes me like operations like this is that they support other local businesses. Notice the artwork on the wall when you visit the office at Dinstuhl’s and you’ll see a custom mural. It was done by a customer of the shop, and features two or three other local auto industry businesses you might recognize. Tires, Inc. / Imported Auto Parts, and The Tire Source.

Not only does your money support locally owned business at Dinstuhl’s directly, but it goes one step further because this shop also supports locally owned businesses. That’s our dollars going right back into the community.

Do your own research, check these guys out, ask around, try them out, and let me know what you think. I did the research because someone just like you gave me a recommendation, now it’s up to you.

Watch for our video profile of Dinstuhl’s Auto Repair coming sometime soon. It’ll give you a much better look than these quick photos I grabbed with my digital camera, and you’ll have a chance to meet Nate, the owner, and hear what he has to say about why his customers are so loyal. That is, if you haven’t already visited them in person before we finish video production!

auto repair garage boulderI think an interesting point to share is that my research wasn’t because I needed my car fixed right now.

I have been talking to the people I know and work with here in the area to find out how they feel about various businesses here, and who they would recommend, specifically so that I can pass the info along to you.

It’s going into a sub-category of my Boulder Neighborhood Guide. I like to feature local businesses that have done an outstanding job for me and other locals in our community, and I love helping local businesses that do a great job grow and get noticed.

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I’d also like to share with you my new neighborhood profiles, and  Boulder business profiles. They’re both great ways to learn more about what’s going on in Boulder.

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Zachary Epps, full-time RE/MAX professional, and author of the Boulder Neighborhood Guide.

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-Deanna Berg


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