Boulder 29th St Adds Concert Series and Farmers Market

Boulder 29th Street, (or is it Twenty Ninth Street ?) continues its outdoor farmers market every Sunday between 10 am and 2 pm until October 26th this year. 29th will also begin a new concert series beginning this Saturday (today) through August 9th. The concert series music is free and performances are between 6 pm and 10 pm.

I get the sense that 29th is working hard to attract more foot traffic with events like this and it’s smart. Pearl Street has its own entertainment and there’s a farmer’s market on Wednesday and Saturday at Central Park in Boulder and Louisville, CO has its Street Fair.

Although we won’t see the likes of the famous Chris Daniels and The Kings at the Twenty Ninth Live events this year, there are a couple of bands you may recognize, such as Wendy Woo and Nelson Rangell. Chris Daniels and The Kings played some gigs at Flatiron Crossing’s outdoor shopping area in the past and I had an opportunity to reconnect with my buddy, Chris Stongle, who’s the drummer for the band. Unfortunately, I missed their performance at the Louisville Street Fair last week.

You might like to know that one of the good things about 29th street is there’s lots of free parking both underground and all around the shopping district. Restaurants are planning on staying open late on the concert series evenings, too. There will be the typical beer tent and hot dog and hamburger vendors outside as well.

With all the talk about businesses wanting more traffic, the Century Theater posted a record day on Memorial Day. With rainy weather and the Bolder Boulder foot traffic spilling over, the movie theater and Panera got a huge influx of business. Panera was sold out of some items that day by 9:30 when I got there with my father after the race.

A recent addition to the 29th Street restaurant line-up is Cantina Laredo. While they claim that business is good since opening two months ago, they’re reportedly excited about the concert series evenings bringing more people into the area on Saturday nights. A close friend of mine told me her teen-aged daughter is working at Cantina Laredo so if you go there, tip well!

I’m glad to see that more energy is being focused on the 29th Street shopping district. Many of us have been scratching our heads wondering why we’d go there other than the Apple store and the movie theater. Maybe this will be another good reason.


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  1. Michelle Allen on August 6th, 2008 4:43 pm

    I’d really like to see this support more local musicians – maybe have a showcase night and book 2 or 3 of the less well known bands in the area. Give some start-ups visibility.

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