Big News At Flatirons Habitat For Humanity

In an effort to try and get the word out to the local Boulder area community, Sandra Moriarty, our Habitat Outreach committee chairperson, ‘volunteered me’ to put together a PR release, and newsletter article for the local Habitat affiliate.

I figured this was going to be some certain drudgery, trying to wrangle some stuffy executive into a meeting so I could interview him about board meetings, deadlines, and staff reports.

As it turned out, John Lovell, the new Executive Director at Flatiron Habitat For Humanity, is a very dynamic, straight forward, and people-oriented individual, with a serious side that’s oriented towards results.

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Habitat For Humanity is, in some ways, in the Real Estate business but more appropriately, they’re in the people business. I think I got a sense of that when talking to John. He’s very focused on a vision that will allow him, and everyone at Flatirons Habitat For Humanity, to work towards assisting as many families as possible through the progam.
While John’s background is certainly rooted in high-level executive roles, and he even has an MBA from Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration, it turns out he has a creative side and has also owned a photography business for the last several years. Perhaps truly a renaissance man for Habitat?!

John has a seven year history of volunteering for the Saint Vrain Habitat affiliate where he worked directly with their board of directors to develop a strategic plan which took them from a program of building only one home per year, to building up to five homes per year, between 2002 and 2007.

He also brings an extensive level of experience in large-level project management and planning. As part of the planning for the 9 News Health Fair, John was the lead Site Coordinator for the largest 9 health fair ever. This event hosted over 3700 people over three days. John’s ability to strategize and plan an event of this magnitude successfully seems to indicate that he can likely manage the Boulder area Habitat affiliate.

I’ll post more on John Lovell, with some details about his vision and goals, in the days ahead. Eventually, we’ll talk more about Flatirons Habitat’s building plans and real estate goals for the Boulder area and surrounding communities it serves.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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