Ball Aerospace and Boulder Job Growth

I was at the gym a few weeks ago, listening to my friends talk about the local Boulder job market, and heard that businesses like Sun Microsystems, Level 3 Communications, and Ball Aerospace were continuing to lay off workers. But more recently, I’m hearing changes to this trend.

We’ve heard over the recent weeks that there’s an uptick in the market overall, even predictions of a turn around in the recession nationally.

Well, so I run into a friend Chris who works at Ball a few days ago. He told me  that a friend of his was part of the layoffs at Ball.This was especially unnerving for Chris since he felt that he had helping convince his friend that a move from another state to work here locally at Ball was a good move… then his friend was part of the recent layoffs.Call, Text, or Email me if if you want to talk more about what’s going on in the local market; whether it’s jobs, quality of life opportunities, or the real estate market, I’d love to hear from you.

Now the good news. Since I’m hearing from the national media that some markets are recovering, job growth may be improving (even if that means that the unemployment rate is simply not as bad as it once was) I figure it’s a good time to start checking locally.

Here’s where Chris at the gym comes into the story.

I asked Chris if things have changed at Ball, and whether or not they’re still laying off workers, or if they’ve started swinging back the other way.

I was pleasantly surprised to hear to learn that in fact Ball is hiring again. Actually, Ball apparently is not only hiring again, rather than laying off staff, but Ball Aerospace is bringing back the same workers, in some cases, that they recently ran through the lay offs.

So I ask Chris, what about his friend that he brought from out of state to work at Ball and then got fired?

Yep, he has his job back, and it looks like that’s the norm for Ball.

While many companies will run out to the open market of job seekers and take what the employer might see as efficiencies, or opportunities to save a few bucks, and hire new employees in an competitive job seeker market, Ball Aerospace is bringing back the staff members it let go as they realize the needs have changed and can bring jobs back.

I heard recently that our local unemployment rate was around 6% in the Boulder area, the Colorado unemployment rate, according to Colorado Department of Labor and Unemployment is at just over 7%.

The Boulder-Longmont MSA (Micropolitan Statistical Area) has an unemployment rate of 6.0% according to some data from a state website. Since this includes Longmont, which has an unemployment rate of 6.4%, I did a little more research and found data showing Boulder at a rate of  5.5% as of mid September, up from about 6.6% reported in July 2009.

Since recent reports show the national rate of unemployment at about 9.6%, it looks to me like we’re already in pretty good shape, and with the rate dropping locally, and Chris’ friend getting his job back, I’m encouraged by what I see going on.

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