A Grocery Shopping Secret In Boulder

Are you looking for health food oriented grocery shopping in Boulder and getting frustrated with the congested parking?  You may have found the reconfigured parking lot at Whole Foods an improvement, and you may say the situation for parking at  Ideal Market isn’t too bad. What you may not have discovered yet is Sunflower Farmers Market.

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If you want to know more about what’s up with the natural and organic grocery world in Boulder, read on.

As strange as it may seem in a town like Boulder, well known for its eclectic mix of supposed free-thinkers and original idea mavens, I see grocery shoppers mostly caught up in the lemming-like procession of following the rest of the tribe right into the drowning water of congested parking and mediocrity.

I just don’t understand why the throngs of shoppers continue to endure the ridiculous store configuration and questionable prices at a national chain grocer like whole foods when we have such elegant alternatives like Sunflower Market in the Village.

I made a recent trip to McGuckins on my way to one of my video shoots, and decided it was a good time to check out Sunflower Market for a quick bite for lunch. No sense trying to work ‘on camera’ with a grumbling stomach and low blood sugar.

What I found was quite surprising. The parking lot that services the east side of the market was only about half full, so I had no trouble finding a handy spot. To me, anything other than the ‘north forty’ is handy and reasonable. I’m typically parking way too far from the door for most of my companions. I just can’t understand the notion of circling the parking lot spewing fumes (even though my car is as  ULEV rated) and wasting gas to find that ‘Doris Day’ parking space. (Yeah, some you might call it ‘rock star’ parking but if you’re over 40 you might get the Doris Day analogy, I have to credit my wife for that one.)

One thing that’s pretty cool about the store is that you can get in from either side of the building, so parking on the west side is available as well. Although, then you’ll have to compete with the McGuckin Hardware shoppers… and those coffee aficionados trolling in and out of the Brewing Market. I say, “stick with the east lot”.

My general impression is that the store wasn’t anywhere as chaotic as any of its counterparts around Boulder, and the staff inside Sunflower was cheery and friendly. When I asked where to find something, the guy walked me to the location, smiled and asked if there was anything else I could use help finding. The last time I asked for help at ‘Whole Paycheck” I think the most I got was an “over there” and a finger point.

Another thing I love about this store is that it’s locally owned. Founded by Mike Gilliland, former owner of Wild Oats Market, Gilliland has said that Sunflower Farmers Market will be successful, noting his chain’s mission is to offer natural and organic foods at rock-bottom prices. Well, I know I like the idea of low prices, and I’ll imagine you will too. The store’s only been open a few months, but it’s catching on with locals.

In times of big box intrusion, as national names buy and take over local businesses, it’s nice to know that there are still places in town where we can get the products we want, and know that the dollars are going back into our local community instead of getting funneled out of state.

Jobs and money coming into our community, and staying in our community, are what will keep the local economy strong. If our local economy flourishes with jobs and money, then your opportunity to realize a consistent value in your real estate investment will also be assured.

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-Zachary Epps, full-time professional Realtor® and EcoBroker®


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